Do you ever get a burning feeling in your chest after you eat? Have yo…

Do you ever get a burning feeling in your chest after you eat? Have you ever been awakened at night up with an uncomfortable warmth or pain in the chest, does your throat feel like it is on fire. You will want to make sure that you are not having a heart attack. Ruling that out you may be having a hiatal hernia causing you to have GERD.

What is GERD you ask? It is Gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is heartburn on steroids. It may be coming from your stomach when it breaches a hole in your diaphragm that is called a hiatus. This is known as a hiatal hernia The diaphragm is a thin muscle that separates the lungs and the organs below the lungs.The diaphragm play a major role in breathing by allowing expansion and contraction of the lungs.The esophagus is basically your feeding tube into your stomach. When the stomach breeches the hiatus you may actually have no symptoms at all. Eventually you will reach for the Tums which will help at. Eventually you have to get the Genie back into the bottle.

How you get the Genie back into the bottle is the question.There are surgical interventions for hiatal hernia’s that won’t be covered here. Let’s just say they are scary and very permanent if they work at all. I want to cover an natural way to help a hiatal hernia.
The diaphragm connects to the thorax along the bottom of your ribs in the back and front. When the rib cage gets jarred it can irritate the diaphragm making the hole tighter. When it is tighter it restricts the esophagus. Remember the esophagus is a tube, a soft tube, and the restriction causes changes in the ph which leads to GERD or heartburn symptoms. When in fact the hiatal hernia is the root cause of the symptoms.

Have you ever stopped short while riding in a car? Maybe you took a hit rounding 2nd base.I have been known to fall skiing. All of these traumas can move the rib cage out of place. You need to understand that the ribs do not really move that much. The ribs connect to the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine are the spinal bones that cover below your neck and above your lower back. When the ribs and the thoracic vertebra are out of place they can cause the restriction of the hiatus leading to a diaphragmatic spasm allowing a hiatal hernia.
When the tension created by the abnormal location of the ribs and thoracic spine is reduced most of the symptoms will go away eliminating the need for medications and surgery. This can be done in a few short treatments at most chiropractor’s offices. While you will never hear this advice coming from an M.D. realize that natural remedies tend not be in the repertoire of these well intentioned doctors. Chiropractors offer many solutions to health issues besides fixing low back pain. Natural healing should always be considered.