Just what brings on a pinched nerve in the low back?

A compressed nerve occurs as soon as a spinal bone puts compression on the nerve that exits the vertebrae cord near the lumbar spine. This could be a very painful event. The longer the bone squeezes the spinal nerve the harder it becomes to solve the discomfort associated along with a pinched nerve. A chiropractor doctor will shift the vertebra back into place to reduce the tension triggered by the bone that is definitely out of place.

How did I get a pinched nerve in my back?
– work accidents
– car accidents
– sports accidents
– poor posture
– extreme sitting
– lack of exercise
– inherited pre disposition
– medical failures

As you can see there are many ways to have a pinched nerve. Chiropractic care is your best option to treat a pinched nerve. Certainly there is no medication that will move the vertebra back into place. So by all ways consider chiropractic whenever picking out who to see for your pinched nerve. Many chiropractors will use physical therapy in addition to spinal adjusting to help minimize the ache.

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